1. To all the food sharing people on tumblr, thank you for making me hungry……

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  2. Anonymous said: yeah definitely continue "Roll up the partition, please."

    I’m so so so sorry for not responding sorry! I would love to continue the story but I have a huge writers block and it doesn’t really help that my hand/wrist is still in a cast… I’m sorry babes! :(

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  3. Anonymous said: Please continue with Roll up the partition, please.

    I’m so sorry for not responding to this earlier.. My phone didn’t mention it and I’m sorry, I’d love to continue it but I just have a huge writers block on it and my wrist is still in a cast which doesn’t really help.. I’m sorry love! :(

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  4. Anonymous said: Do you have any recommendations for new Camren Videos?

    I’m sorry, I don’t even know what I actually watched haha.. I just put camren in the YouTube search bar and my emotions come alive.. I miss them the way they were, but we as 5H have to except that they’re growing up and things change..

    Enjoy your day/night babes!

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  5. Anonymous said: Heyy :) how are you? I've been following you for a loooong time and I really want to know more about you because you seem like such a sweet, nice and interesting person , hope this doesn't sound creepy haha! I'd like to ask you if you have a personal tumblr page, I would love it to read more about your life! XO ps. I'm asking this anonymous because I'm really insecure about myself. ily XXX Jenna

    Awh, you’re too sweet, thank you for following me that looooong ;). I don’t know if I’m all of that but it’s incredibly sweet! And it doesn’t sound creepy! I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t have a personal tumblr, well actually I did have one but it’s not like personal personal, I deleted it a while ago because this account has been taking up my sweet sleeping time already… I do have a personal twitter account, Instagram or Facebook account, but I’d rather not say that here since my life is finally stabilized because people tortured for being gay, which I’m not..

    But if you’d just come off as an anon, do it in a privet thingy I’d love to share my other internet thingy accounts with you and I’d like to know more about you anon (Jenna ;) )!

    Please don’t be insecure, you sound like an amazing, gorgeous, lovely and sweet girl! Don’t be scared, I won’t bite! ;)

    Goodnight, good evening or good morning from wherever you are sweetheart!

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  6. just a smart reminder, don’t talk to me for days please. and if you really have the urge to destroy my inner peace and me accepting the fact that we lost from Argetina, don’t even think about talking to me about the WC. Goodbye.

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  7. Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or No

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  8. Some people smoke,
    others drink, and others fall in love,
    each one dies from a different way.
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  9. Anonymous said: If I were dating you....

    I would do everything to keep it that way. You wouldn’t have to worry, I”d cherish you, love you, care for you, make you laugh, make you cry because of all the laughing and you would be the only one that has my heart and everything that comes with loving and dating you..

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  10. Drop an “If I were dating you…” In my ask.

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