1. I don’t do boys getting my camren on, well more their Lauren on, but Luis go awayyyy you’re ruining my fantasy!

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  2. Camila and Lauren have a serious staring problem…… Well actually, Lauren’s staring problem is the worst..

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    Who the hell

    oh my god, I’m laughing so hard, I don’t even know if I’m ever goign to be able to get of the floor again. preach!

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    let’s play a game called “who do you think is gonna come out first: camren or fifth harmony album?”

    hahaha omg, I can’t even imagine, I’d really love an album, BUT FIRST LET CAMREN COME OUT… :)

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  6. If we ever meet again.

    ”What’s somebody like you, doing in a place like this?” I’m startled as I hear a soft voice whispering in my ear. The person in question grinds me gently from behind, but it’s not a harassment. Since I’m in a club, I could’ve expected this. Hands find their way onto my hips, holding me in place. Another whisper follows. ”Say, did you come alone, or did you bring all your friends?” I start to wonder who this stranger is, who the heck would ask me all these questions? I do have my suspicions that it must be a woman, since the voice is to gentle and soft to be a man’s voice.

    As I try to turn around I feel that the person is stronger then me, the hands start to have a firm grip on my hips, making it impossible to turn around and face her. I decide to stay in front of her and stop trying to turn around, waiting for another whisper. Just as I start to wonder that she won’t whisper something else I feel a warm breath near my ear. ”Say, what’s your name, what you drinking?” 

    Why is she asking me all these questions, it sounds so familiar to me. Almost like a lyric, but I can’t fold my finger around this. ”I think I know what you’re thinking..” And there it is, another question to answer. This time she spins me around, her hands around my back this time. I didn’t expect the whisperer to look like this, pure beauty. A long and thing figure, smoking sexy emerald eyes, extremely gorgeous eyes and long hair. I’m trying to figure out what to say, but when I try to actually say something to her, she leans towards me. Her lips touching my ear this time. ”Baby, what’s your sign, tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.”

    We dance to the rhythm, not sure to say anything I don’t. I got to give her some extra points for her looks, because she’s extremely gorgeous. I’ve never seem someone like her before. I try to replay all the questions she just asked me in my head. I do remember some, so I’m deciding to just answer some or continue the silence staring game and wait for another line. After a few minutes I give up my inner battle and my curiosity takes over the control. ”Why should I answer the questions from a stranger?” I finish it with a wink, feeling so powerful. Not long after that she turns me around again, guess we’re back to the grinding, not that I mind..

    Warm breath finds its way towards my ear again. ”Say, what’s somebody doing like you doing in a place like this?” Oh god, I finally remember, she’s really saying a lyric. My head scans all possible songs I know. I need to cope up soon, I want to fire back some lines. 1,2,3,4.. I’ll never be the same.. I turn my head towards her ear this time. My breath is not steady and I can feel my pulse pumping. I’ve never done something like this before. ”I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again.” I look towards her eyes, I can see that I surprised her with this. ”Did it really take you this long to find that I said the lines of a song sugar?” Sugar.. I so do not like that name… I guess it’s time for me to leave.. But I can’t, again her grip on me is to strong for me to fight. ”Won’t let you get away, said if we ever meet again.”

    This game continues for a long time, firing back the lines after each other. Every time we leave some time between so we can actually say the correct lines. I wonder if this is her way to pick up girls, pursuing her way with lyrics. I actually don’t care, when my eyes scan the room I see all the jealous stares from other girls, even the girls who are actually dancing with boys. God, who is this girl that knows how to grind an ass? I seriously have no clue. My intent for this night is trying to find out who she is and what she wants.

    ”Baby tell me what’s your story.” I know which line comes next, I also know that this line is not for me to say.. Since it’s perfectly clear that’s she’s the not so shy one.. I wait long enough to feel her body sighing, I know what she knows, she grinds me another time, hard, daring me to continue this game. I won’t, I’ll wait as long as I have to. I’ll cheat if I need to. I feel her hands moving towards the front pockets of my jeans, taking something. Shit, she’s going to rob me. Before I even processed this I see a flashing light in front of my eyes. I look up, seeing my phone on google.. Waiting for the page to load I see that she’s searching the lyric. Her thumb scrolls towards the part where we are in the song. Pfew, she’s not robbing me after all, she just want’s me to continue, but like I said before.. I won’t. Instead I answer her questions. Which surprises her. ”Camila, no, not alone, bacardi razz up..” I can feel her laughing, her eyes twinkle when I meet them. She didn’t expect this at all.. ”Guess I have to finish your lines sexy.. I ain’t shy, don’t you worry.. I’m flirtig with my eyes, wanna leave with you tonight.” She winks at me, knowing that the first part of the next line is quite innocent, but ends with something I know she would like to hear me say.. Knowing that I already cheated with the last line I decide that this one won’t hurt so much. ”So do you come here much, I gotta see your face some more, some more.”

    I don’t think that a song ever lasted this long before, after all, between every line there’s at least a couple minutes. I never thought that I would say this, but I like this. She’s not harassing me, she’s been nothing but a bit forward, but she’s good looking, knows how to roll her hips and knows how to woo me. ”Cause baby.” She’s improving, first sugar, then sexy and now she comes with baby. ”I’m sorry to break this game stranger, but I’m actually thirsty as hell.” She loosened her grip on me and turns me around again.. ”So this means that I’m able to get you a Razz Up?” I smile. ”You might…”

    She takes my hand and starts walking towards a less crowded and way more quite part of the club. Siting down in a booth she casually places her arm around my shoulders, her hand stroking my arm. A bar tender comes up to our booth, she winks at him and asks him to come a little closer so she can tell him what drinks we want. ”Make it a Razz Up for my lady here and a Diet Coke for me Joshua.” Diet Coke, woah what, we’re in the most popular club in Cali and she orders a Diet Coke. ”Diet Coke? Really? And who’s Joshua?” Her face turns to mine again and I’m actually nervous by the way that her face is so close to mine. ”I thought that you were the shy one Camila? What’s with the questions?” I can see the joy in her eyes, since she knows that she’s the one that started all the questions. I laugh at that, at the irony.

    Not another word has been said, we’re just staring in each others eyes, daring the other to lose and look away. She’s actually really good at this, but what did I expect after everything? Nothing less anyways. I hear someone placing the glasses on our table but still she’s looking away. I have no idea how long I can continue this and I’m seriously really thirsty.. Since it hasn’t been my game at all this night, I decide to let her win again. Placing the glass on my lips I down the whole glass in once. Knowing that this is not a drink with a lot of alcohol I know that it won’t matter. As I find my way back into her arm and the booth I can see her looking at me in amusement. I start to feel a bit uncomfortable at this. ”What?” She gives me a laugh as an answer. ”Nothing, just that you’re adorable.” Adorable, haven’t heart that in a while.

    ”Kiss me all night, don’t ever let me go.” God, I thought that we stopped this. At this point I’m considering to not continue this game but instead to just attack her face and do what she asked. Since I’ve drunk enough this night I won’t even feel bad if I did. So I do. I take her head in my hands, my eyes meeting hers, daring her to turn away which she doesn’t. So it’s a quick attack, kissing her roughly, letting her know that I have some power too. This time it’s me in control. Tongues meet and our teeth are clashing, battling for control, but I won’t let her. Her hands find it’s way to my ass, pulling me up to her lap. Her hands stay where they are, softly squeezing my ass. I take her upper lip between my teeth and bite softly on it as a response. She moans into my mouth. Leaving her mouth I make my way up to her ear with sweet kisses and some sucking. ”Guess who has the control now stranger?” Sucking on her auricle I can feel her breathing getting heavier. Her hands leave my ass, one starts to pull me closer to her as her tongue finds my neck. Her soft licks, kisses and rough sucking make me moan in pleasure. God, I’m on fire and I don’t even know her name.

    ”My place our yours?” I feel the warm breath in my ear, what makes me even more addicted to her. ”Yours.” Before I’ve even answered I’m on my feet again, again she’s pulling me in some direction. When we arrive outside she hails a cab, while waiting for it she kisses me again. What I didn’t expect to happen is when the cab arrives she opens the door gently for me and lets me take a seat. The peace between is isn’t a long time thing. Before I know her lips harass mine again and I can’t do anything other than kiss her back. I hear the cab driver saying something but I don’t even care to listen. Can’t he see that we’re busy right now?

    Kisses and intimate touches are shared till we arrive at her place I guess. Right before I want to pay the fare, the driver says something. ”Goodbye Lauren, have a good night.” So her name is Lauren.. It fits her perfectly. We leave without paying, but when the cab drives away I see that it’s not a normal cab. Hell, it’s not even a cab, it’s a privet car. God, am I seriously hooking up with someone rich? We walk into the building to the elevator. Once we get inside it all starts again, the glances, the intimate touches, but no real affections since we’re not the only one in the elevator. The doors open and we meet a small hall, telling me that this must be expensive since there’s no other door on this level. She gets some kind of card out of her pocket, what I think that it must be some kind of key.

    Doors open, clothes are ripped of and marks are made. It’s only us and our naked bodies. She pins me against the wall, pulling me up so my ass is in her hands. I place my hands in her neck for strength, kissing her hard, again I kiss my way to her ear. ”Bedroom.” She carries me towards the bed, where she drops me gently. I’ve never felt so much lust in me. I need her. Inside. Everywhere. I’m on fire.

    She softly sucks my nipples, squeezing the one the other. Her nails caressing my body, with every second I want her more and more. ”In. Side. Now.” She makes her way towards my clit, sucking on it. God this is heaven. Soft bites and sucking make me want her to stop the being soft and take me roughly. Before I can demand her again one finger starts to fill me up. She takes a soft pace, curling her finger inside. Making sure that I’ll only feel pleasure she doesn’t stop sucking my clit. She adds another finger and stirs up the pace, while she’s going faster and faster her lips find their way to mine again, leaving kisses here and there. She kisses me roughly, but loving. I’ve never had this so good. She’s the one taking charge, but she makes me feel loved. I’ll never regret this. Another finger comes inside me and I can feel that I’m on the edge. I feel my breath getting more and more shaky with every hard trust she makes. She’s sure knows her ways. ”Come for me Camila.” she whispers in my ear. ”Come for me.” She quickens her pace again and starts to trust harder and harder, rubbing my clit with her thumb to fasten my fall of the edge. ”Oh god.” I’m falling. ”Lauren, I’m coming!” Another finger added. I cry out in pleasure. This is amazing. My body starts to shake, my breath itches and she rides out my cum roughly. She keeps thrusting till my body stops to start shaking and I’m starting to breathe normal again.

    She exhaustively falls back onto the bed, kissing me softly. I’ve never had such an orgasm, I’ve never felt so good before. I’m exhausted, I really want to make her feel as good, but I don’t know if I can. She places a soft kiss on my temples. ”Sleepwell princes.” And with that I feel her arms around my waist and I feel loved by a stranger. My eyes start to close slowly and my breath gets heavy. I’m falling asleep with a stranger and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Authors Note:

    In order to avoid any problems or claims. I do not own any of these characters. This story might use some names of the members of Fifth Harmony, but I don’t own, know or claim these. As some of you might recognize, I used some parts of the lyric of the song If ever meet again - Timbaland ft. Katy Perry. I don’t own this song or it’s rights either. Another thing I really do need to say, I’m dutch. English is not my native language, so any grammatical problems are a possibility.

    Oh god, I’ve never wrote smut before. I hope that it makes a good ending to this story. I’d like to see what you guys think of it.

    Feel free to give me some feedback or ask me some questions. I also take requests on writing a new story, so don’t hesitate!


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  7. Apartment.

    I can’t remember when I actually fell in love with this place, it must have been ages ago because it feels natural. I can walk around the place without the lights on, because my whole body knows where every piece of furniture is placed. What’s even more perfect, is the fact that I don’t have to share it. Everything inside this apartment is mine, I worked very hard for it and spend every penny carefully. It’s spacious, that’s what I like the most, I can see the whole city from every window. I like it that I can still hide in the little hideaway spots, it’s huge but still so small when you’re used to it. The only thing I miss here is someone to share it with, sharing it with someone I love.

    Every morning I wake up to do the same, get ready for my work out and get on time in the office at eight. It’s an endless repeating thing, my life is planned, from top to toe. Every detail in my agenda is planned, still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like it, it’s safe, every month I will get a salary and I don’t have to worry about not getting paid. I used to be a singer, but since it’s so hard to break through in a country like America, I gave up before it even started. Sometimes I regret it.

    My friends always nag about me not having someone, while they’re all settled down and whipped. My relationships don’t go further then a one night stand and that’s even a high achievement. I’m just a uncomfortable twenty five year old, I’ve never made it further than a couple months with someone. In the beginning it would be amazing and I’d always say that the girl was the one.. But every time I would get bored, or they would get bored, they’d leave and never look back. Maybe I’m just scared of commitment and I scare them away without knowing.

    That’s how I end up here, putting on my heels, checking my look and my make-up for the hundredth time. Ally signed me up for a blind dating night.. She didn’t even tell me until I received a letter and I couldn’t back down anymore since the deadline was expired. Sure, I could have decided to not go anyway, but maybe Ally’s right.. Maybe there is someone down there that actually catches my eye, someone that actually matches with my personality and the same interests. Let’s just give it a shot. I’ve got nothing to lose right?


    Who would’ve guessed, I’m sitting here at a table. There’s a girl in front of me which I’m actually interested in. Her brown long falling hair, her brown dark eyes and she’s extremely gorgeous. She’s everything that I’m not, but the weird thing is, she’s actually everything that I am though. She’s short, but the heels that she wears make her legs run for miles. Her laugh is soft but also one of a kind. She has the interests that I also have, we laugh about the same jokes and her life is as miserable as mine. A sad office job, that pays the salary we want, but doesn’t compete us to love it.

    What’s even more surprising is her accent, she’s been living in America for ages but she still has the cute Hispanic accent. It’s adorable. The weird thing is her insane crush on pizza, which is also adorable to. I’ve never met someone that’s so committed to pizza as her. I’m ten minutes into this and she already stole my interest and my heart. Every person before her or after her won’t have to compete with her. She’s everything that I want. She would fit perfectly into my apartment. She won’t leave, she wouldn’t dare. I’m already sure that she’s a keeper, I’ve never met someone like her. She’s one of a kind.

    ”So, you’re saying, that if you have to decide between eating pizza all day and being homeless or living in the most gorgeous house in Cali, you’d choose to be homeless?” I can’t hold my laugh, this is amazing. I can feel the tears in my eyes, I’ve never laughed this hard before.

    ”Lo, are you serious asking me this? After these ten minutes, I’d figure that you’d already knew my answer before even asking the question?” She softly laughs with me and her eyes twinkle.

    Lo. I like that. No one has ever called me that.

    ”But what if, I can promise you, that you eating pizza in our bed, while all the bread crumbles would fall onto the blankets, that I wouldn’t have it any other way?” I stare into her eyes, daring to answer this without falling over the ‘our’ bed thing. She stares back at me, I can see the surprise in her eyes.

    ”I’d say, that since it’s our bed, I’m not even thinking about the fact that you might not be okay with it. Since it’s also my bed.” She winks at me at the our bed part, which gives me the feeling that I’m actually right about her. She’s worth all the bread crumbles.

    ”Well, since that’s settled. What about sharing the blankets? Are you a stealer who let’s me sleep in the cold all night?” Time to get my game face on, one wink more wouldn’t hurt.

    She looks at me in pure horror, which I know she fakes because I can see the joy in the twinkle of her eyes. ”Me?! A blanket stealer? Never.” She throws her arms up with this in fake innocence. ”No, seriously, you wouldn’t even have time to get cold because my body will never leave your side..”

    ”So wha…” I never get to finish my question because the gong tells us that it’s time for us to switch tables. I can see the disappointed look on her face when she walks towards another table, halfway through she looks back to me and winks another time. I know it for sure right now, she’s the one.

    The evening continues with some sad mid twenty men and woman who whine about seriously everything, who apparently want to tell me every single detail about them. This one girl, who actually looked okay, couldn’t stop talking about her work. I get it that saving lives as a doctor is nice, but seriously I couldn’t care less. I’d wish that the girl I spoke to before, the one, which I never exchanged names with because we were so into our conversation, would come back to my table. I’ve met her half an hour ago and I already miss her.

    Finally the blind dates end and the ones that want to go can go, but there’s also an after party. I don’t even like parties that much, but I can’t think about the fact that if I go home right now I might miss the opportunity to see her again, or even maybe ask her out. I couldn’t live with that.

    I’m about to go outside for a minute for a smoke, but I feel someone gently pulling my shoulder. I turn around in a way to quick pace, which ends me feeling dizzy for a second, but it was worth it. My eyes meet brown eyes and a perfect smile.

    ”Hey.. I guess that you’re leaving?” I can see her face saddening at the part that I might actually leave. Which I’m not, well, I will but not without her.

    ”Hello stranger.. No, I’m not leaving.” Her face lights up. ”I’m going outside for a smoke, you can come with me if you want to?” her hand find its way onto my arm, she clings to it in a soft way. Just to let me know that she’ll follow.


    We’re outside, sitting on a small wall, which is high enough for our legs to swing. It’s quiet, but not uncomfortable. I guess that it’s just a matter of time that one of us starts talking, but I like the quietness. It’s perfect. I feel a hand covering mine, slowly entangling our fingers together. I can’t help but to stare at this touch, this is completely new for me, someone that’s soft on me. Someone that actually knows what’s comforting. I look up to met her eyes, she gives me a small smile, waiting for me to react. But I don’t, I don’t move at all, the only thing that my body physically is doing is breathing and holding my cigarette. It’s nice. 

    ”Is this to much, for us? After all we were complete strangers till two hours ago..” I can feel it that she’s searching for my approval, waiting for me to say that it’s not okay, so she can leave before we’re to deep into this.

    ”N-no, this is nice… It’s perfect actually.” I give her a quick smile before placing the cigarette back between my lips, inhaling fast. Without even knowing I seemed to make circles with my smoke. I felt her squeezing my hand. Once again I look up to meet brown eyes.

    She looks at me bewildered. ”How did you do that!” I can see the fascination in her eyes, completely perplexed to what just happened what’s o so normal for me. ”I’ve never seen someone do that before.” she adds.

    I’ve never had to answer this question before, because it’s actually pretty normal for a smoker to do this without knowing. It’s a natural thing to do, so I shrug. I don’t know how to answer this.. I finished my cigarette, so I throw it on the ground and step onto it, to know for sure that it’s really finished.

    I take her hand, walking towards the doors of the club, planning to go inside with her. I feel her hand tugging mine, knowing that she stopped walking for a reason I turn around. I turn my head around, silently asking for what’s wrong. She pulls me towards her. Our faces are almost touching. I can hear her breathing, I stare into her eyes. Her other hand touches my nose, it makes me closing my eyes, I can feel how her hand floats over the contours of my face, they end at my lips. She loses her grip on my hand that’s still intertwined with my fingers. Her hand slowly goes up towards my neck, stroking my arm. Both of her hands are caressing my cheeks. My eyes are still closed, not knowing what to do and I actually don’t want to do a thing about this. I let her have the control. The touching stops but her hands are still holding my cheeks, not knowing what’s going to happen next I wait patiently. Then I feel her lips on mine.

    Soft and humble kisses are shared, her lips are so soft that it almost makes me wonder if I’m not kissing a feather. She takes my upper lip between hers, softly sucking on it, her lips loosen the grip and her tongue slips into my mouth. I can taste the alcohol, but there’s also a fruity taste. For the second time I let her take the control. My hands are behind her waist, hers still caressing my face.

    I don’t know how long we’ve been kissing for, but I do know that I can’t let this stop. Her kisses start to leave my mouth, slowly making their way towards my neck. Right under my ear she starts to suck my skin, making marks for sure. I moan, not loudly, but still loud enough for her to hear. I hear her hum in approval. She takes my earlobe between her lips gently biting on it. I moan again, this time louder, she found the spot. She licks my auricle, her warm breath leads it’s way into my ear, making me shiver.

    ”After leaving your apartment. I hear the coast…” Before I even processed what she said she’s gone, there are no lips kissing my lips and no hands caressing my cheeks anymore. I don’t have my hands around someone’s waist anymore. I open my eyes, they need to adjust to all the streetlights. There’s no one in front of me anymore, I make a 360° degrees turn, but there’s no one. The whole street is deserted. There’s no one in this street, before the kiss this was a busy street, cars driving stopping in front of the traffic lights. I automatically turn on my heels towards the entrance of the club. Walking fast enough to say that I’m in a quick pace, but to slow to say that I’m running.

    Bewildered I make my way into the club, scanning the whole room. I see a lot of faces, but no one matches hers. My eyes scan every spot in this room, it recognizes some faces, the people from the blind dates, but there’s no one like her.. Then I see it, I see dark brown hear, making it’s way towards the back door. I try to walk as fast as possible in that direction, I almost knock some people down while trying to chase her, apologizing to everyone. Finally I’m at the door, opening the door with my hand, I’m met with a full parking lot. Still no sight of her. 

    I scan every direction where she could’ve went to, but there’s no one in sight. I do see a homeless dog, but no sight of a human being near me. I start to worry that all of this didn’t happen, maybe my imagination played me. But then I feel someone shoving something in my hands, I turn around, hoping to meet brown eyes. But I meet nothing, I just see someone running away. Before I can try to do something the person is gone again. I open my hands to see a crushed piece of paper. Carefully I open it, hoping that there’s at least a clue on it. Once again I’m let down. It’s some kind of poem, maybe a lyric, I don’t know.

    Cause sooner or later this is bound to stop
    Come on, let’s savor what we’re falling over. 

    Authors note:

    In order to avoid any problems or claims. I do not own any of these characters. This story might use some names of the members of Fifth Harmony, but I don’t own, know or claim these. As some of you might recognize, I used some parts of the lyric of the song Apartment - Young the Giant, I don’t own this song or it’s right either. Another thing I really do need to say, I’m dutch. English is not my native language, so any grammatical problems are a possibility.

    Now let’s stop the seriousness. I wrote this story in half an hour, I was in the train on my way towards my college. As you readers can see, it’s not obvious which character is the muse of Lauren. I’d like to see what you guys think of it.

    Feel free to give me some feedback or ask me some questions. I also take requests on writing a new story, so don’t hesitate!


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  9. sfhglahd;as;lfhjd.klsdh;khasldf;asldkhf;salk.
I mean holy holy holy holy holy goddamn fuck, I&#8217;d do everything for her. O my holy monoly, djfs;lahd;lskhdg. So fucking gorgeous. Holy Crap.
Who even created this gorgeous human being? Like hand me some of this. On a fucking golden platter, not a silver one, that is to cheap. Make it a diamond platter.


    I mean holy holy holy holy holy goddamn fuck, I’d do everything for her. O my holy monoly, djfs;lahd;lskhdg. So fucking gorgeous. Holy Crap.

    Who even created this gorgeous human being? Like hand me some of this. On a fucking golden platter, not a silver one, that is to cheap. Make it a diamond platter.


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  10. got a double bed today, what the heck am i supposed to do with all this extra space?

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